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The Island

Located at a distance of just 54 nautical miles from Athens, Isola de Spezzie (meaning “Island of Fragrances”, as the Venetians called it), or Pityoussa (meaning “covered with pine trees”, as it was known in ancient times) is a picturesque island, with plenty of lovely beaches – many of which are accessible only by sea – and wonderful, secluded little coves.


The main port  of Dapia as well as the Old Harbor, or Palio Limani, with its picturesque features, cobbled sidewalks, neoclassical buildings, wooden balconies and colorful fragrant gardens, captivate the visitors’ eyes.


The climate in Spetses is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which predominates throughout Greece. More specifically, during October, the weather is ideal for a running event, since the temperatures are warm and the conditions mild and rather dry.