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5, 10 & 25 km Race

(For the 25K Run: there will be one more refueling station at the 2.5km point!)

Download the 5K course data (from GARMIN Connect) as crossed by Christos Bofilios!

Spetses is the ideal choice for hosting such an event, given the unique natural beauty of the running course, which has been drawn along the periphery of the island. The runners will have the opportunity to run by the sea and the pine trees, passing by historical landmarks.

Moreover, a special part of the course has been designed to go through the center of the island, where the runners will pass by the local landmarks.

Runners can choose one of the 2 Sunday courses:

  • The 5km Run extends to the northeast part of Spetses. The route goes through the center of the island, Dapia, and the Old Harbor. It is the historical round of the town, and is suitable for both experienced and first-time runners.

10K Race


Download the 25K course data (from GARMIN Connect) as run by the great athlete, Deniz Dimaki!


The ground inclination for the 25km race course is depicted below.



The 25km Run will start first, at 09:00 am, while the start of the shorter 5km Run will start at 10:00 am so that both races finish at the same time. The common start and finish point for both races will be the Poseidonion Square.

For the Full Naturalistic Round of the Island(25km), the timing point has been set at 21.0975km (Half-Marathon point)