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Swimming Competition

On Saturday October 7th, swimmers will have a unique chance to participate in the swimming competitions. Two races will take place, one of 3 km (Spetses-Kosta) and one of 5 km (Spetses-Kosta-Spetses).

You are not allowed to use wetsuit, flippers, mask or snorkel!
In case you want to use them, you can participate but you will not be classified for medals.

Throughout the race, measures have been taken to ensure the safety and well being of the participants.  In particular, the traditional Spetses Shipbuilding Association (aptly named “Agamemnon” after the boat of Spetses heroine Bouboulina) will offer caiques lining the route, buoys will be placed as marks and lifeguards from Lifeguard Hellas will follow swimmers on canoes.

5.000m Course (Spetses – Kosta-Spetses)

Participants will start from the Poseidonion square pier, will reach Kosta and then, swim back to Spetses. During this course, swimmers are not allowed to wear flippers or wet suit.

3.000m Course (Kosta – Spetses)

The start of the race will be on the Kosta Beach (near the Drouzas tavern) and the finish on the beach near the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Participants will be transferred to Kosta, and swim back to Spetses. During this course, swimmers are not allowed to wear wet suit and those that will have stated so, will be allowed to wear flippers (but will be excluded from classification).

Download the 3000m course data (from GARMIN Connect) as swam by Giannis Drymonakos!

Age groups for the non-wet suit swimming races:
up to 29 years old

Underage swimmers 13-17 years old can participate only if they are members of a professional club and they bring their pro-athlete’s certificate to the Registrations Office in Spetses during the days of the event, along with a ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ ΓΟΝΕΑ-ΚΗΔΕΜΟΝΑ (3000μ Ενηλίκων) and a ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ ΠΡΟΠΟΝΗΤΗ

After the competition, swimmers will be greeted at the Poseidonion square for tsipouro, ouzo and free food cooked by the Women of Spetses.