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The Program


Friday 6 October 2017 (Ag. Mamas beach)

17.00: Kids’ 150m & 300m Swimming competition (Primary school students 8-11 years old & high school students 12-15 years old)

17.30: Awards Ceremony for the kids’ Swimming competition

18.00: Sunset Yoga for Runners by Holmes Place


Saturday 7 October 2017

09.25: 3,000m swimmers’ meeting at Dapia to be transported to Kosta for the start

09.30: 5,000 m Swimming Competition:  Start – Finish at Poseidonion square beach

11.003,000 m Swimming Competition:  Start at Kosta beach – Finish at Poseidonion square beach

13.30: Spetsiot Treats*

14.00: 2nd Spetses SUP event by BIC

15.00: My 1st SMM – Children’s Run 500m (0-5 years old) (In this race children must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the course). Race will start in front of Nissia Hotel and finish at the Poseidonion square.

15.30: Children’s Run 500m (1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade in Primary School) & 1,000m (4th, 5th, 6th Grade in Primary School). 500m Race will start in front of the Town Hall / 1,000m Race will start at the Poseidonion square and turn at Kounoupitsa kiosk. Both races will finish at the Poseidonion square

16.30: Awards ceremony for the children’s Runs.

17.15: 10km race (Start – Finish at Poseidonion square)

20.00: Swimming and 10km Run Competitions Awards Ceremony (Poseidonion square)

20.30: MELISSA Pasta Night*

*FREE FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS (Poseidonion square)


Sunday 8 October 2017 (Poseidonion square)

09.00: 25km Race

10.00: 5km Race

13.30: 25km & 5km Awards Ceremony


REGISTRATIONS OFFICE (at hotel Roumani in Dapia):

Thursday 5 October 2017: 17.00 – 22.00

Friday 6 October 2017: 10.00 – 22.30

Saturday 7 October 2017: 08.30 – 21.30

Sunday 8 October 2017: 07.30 – 08.30 (only to get your athlete’s kit if your entry is validated)

Saturday 7 October 2017: 08.00 – 09.30 Pick up point at the Kosta Beach of validated registrations for swimmers arriving for the day and who have previously communicated with the Organizing Committee via email at ABSOLUTELY NO NEW ENTRIES FOR THE SWIMMING RACE WILL BE ACCEPTED ON SATURDAY AND NO CHANGES OF EXISTING REGISTRATIONS WILL BE MADE!!!


The Registrations Office for the Children’s Races will be at Roussos café and will be open until Saturday at 14:00.